Riot crowded or not crowded train

Riot crowded or not crowded train

World August 23, 2016 20:18

london - Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gets an innocent-looking campaign movie like a boomerang. To demonstrate how crowded it is not the trains in and around London, the Social Democrat made last week a video in which it is shown sitting on the balcony of a Virgin train. A week later, Virgin Trains, owned by flamboyant entrepreneur Richard Branson, with which Corbyn surveillance images during the same train one after another empty seat appears to be over...

With his video Corbyn wanted to draw attention to the daily annoyances that undergo many of London's rail passengers; the bulging coupes. According to Virgin Corbyn, however, walked straight past the empty places and he then made the video.

The Corbyn campaign comes with a completely different reading. When boarding in London there was actually find a place. The images Virgin now sends into the world would be made later during the trip to Newcastle, when several passengers had left the train.
     Bizarre images 'hazing' leaked
     Kamikaze Action freeway fool
     Frans Bauer is annoying tourist
     Corbyn between reserved seats.
     Photo: Virgin Trains
     Here Corbyn would walk past empty spots.
     Photo: Virgin Trains

In Britain is a debate about the future of the railways. Some political parties want to nationalize the railways. According Corbyn there are far too few trains and tickets are too expensive. 'The state should the boss be back on track,' the Labour leader, something that is not on the Branson company waiting.

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