Riddles crash around Kirsty

Riddles crash around Kirsty

World July 27, 2017 08:54

benidorm - The question of ten-high Kirsty Maxwell from a high-rise apartment complex in Benidorm is not being answered for the time being.

Four men who were in the room with her were temporarily released by the Spanish court. Nearers say she was forced to jump.

According to the fourth, 27-year-old Scottish Kirsty was in a confused and paranoid last April when she suddenly opened the balcony doors and threw thirty meters down.

The police found no drugs in her blood. However, she had five times the alcohol limit for traffic participants in her blood.\n  \n   \n    \n    \n   \n   \n   \n      \n   \n     Payma apartments Benidorm\n    \n   \n     Photo: Google Streetview

Kirsty was just married to Adam Maxwell and wanted to celebrate with a group of friends in the Spanish holiday resort. She was searching for her company at night at the Payma complex, but was unlikely to be in the apartment by the four suspects. The arrested men have so far declared little.

The survivors suspect that Kirsty was pushed and forced to jump. 'Her only escape route was the balcony doors,' said the lawyer of the family. The police also would make that conclusion. The judge found the evidence to be too skinny.

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