Rich Republicans support Hillary

Rich Republicans support Hillary

World August 4, 2016 16:12

- Wealthy Republicans who are not happy with Donald Trump as a presidential candidate have expressed their support for his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

They are trying to get other party members so far to also give their support to the Democrats and to donate money, reports Reuters.

'I have decided that my grandchildren would no longer be able to look in the eye if I would vote for Trump,' says Dan Webb who said though decades Republican.
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Trump's harsh statements about women, Mexicans, Muslims and war veterans encounter many Republicans against his chest.

Read the most bizarre statements by Donald Trump.

The financial support of wealthy Republicans can make a big difference for Clinton. Until now, no money has yet been sent to her campaign because there must be compliance with various regulations.

A spokesman for Clinton show business that her economic plan is much better and they know that Trump 'is not fit to lead our economy. 'A spokesman for Trump declined to respond.

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