Review: Spider Remote

Review: Spider Remote

Tech December 21, 2016 15:15

- Nowadays everyone has two or more remotes lying on the coffee table. Universal remote controls are a good solution, but often adjust complicated. Spider Remote need to change this.

What is most pronounced in the eye Spider Remote is its round shape. A remote control can be called absolutely original. The device is made of stainless steel and equipped with LED lights, which in many colors to match. The out of place in any event not on the table. Because the gadget itself is in sleep mode, the two AA batteries last up to six months.

Spider Remote is no ordinary infrared remote control. It can also products such as lamps, Philips Hue and control Sonos speakers. For this, the smartphone must be nearby, because Spider Remote app (Android and iOS) seeks contact with the devices via Wi-Fi connection from the phone.

To lay the Spider Remote to use must first Bluetooth Smart connection with the app. Next, you create a profile and set the operation of the unit by means of simple steps required. Spider Remote fact has no buttons. Instead, you control it through three hand movements (horizontal, vertical and inverted turning the gadget) or touching the touch pad on the bottom.

Each action you can link an action. For example, if you horizontally turns the volume on the TV down or goes up, you choose another TV channel by vertically swiping the touchpad or change the colors of the Hue lights when you turn the Spider Remote on its head. Not everything is available in the menu. Thus, the scroll movement there are not and can not control the Nest with the gadget.

It takes some getting used to remember which operation controls the device, but you get naturally knack. Around Spider Remote sit six infrared sensors, so you do not specifically need to focus on, for example to change the TV or set-top box to the channel or the volume to make up. If there are multiple devices in the home, you can create multiple profiles for this.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Remote spin a product that is still developing. So we are working hard to add new partners (Lifz and nest on the schedule) and supporting products with radio frequency. Also, the app will be occasional updates, and some parts have yet to be disclosed. Those who encounter problems can contact the assistance center for all their questions.

Spider Remote is € 99.99 for sale online. Lots of competition has the device because few universal remotes also operate Wi-Fi products. Logitech Harmony exception. The Companion (€ 99) and Elite (€ 239). Both support more than 270 000 products. In addition, radio signals Elite can also.

Spider Remote is inventive, but still has a way to go to become a complete product. Setting and controlling the round universal remote control is very simple and well conceived. But with more partners and support of radio signals, it is better prepared for the future.

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