Review: Sonos Playbase

Review: Sonos Playbase

Tech May 26, 2017 08:51

- When you already have a tv on a TV set, it's hard to find a place to have a sound bar. Sonos solves this problem with the Playbase. You just place the television on top of this flat soundplate.

Sonos already has a soundbar in the collection, called Playbar. But this is not ideal if you have a standing television instead of hanging on the wall. The new Playbase must serve that first group. The soundplate is 72 cm by 38 cm, 5.8 cm tall and can carry TVs up to 35 kilos.

The Playbase is available in a tight black or white design and features 43. 000 holes on the front and sides that ensure good air circulation in the speaker. Inside, there are ten amplified speakers (six in the middle frequency, three tweeters and one woofer) that replace the limited sound of the built-in speakers of your TV.

Playbase installation can not be simpler. There are only two wires that you need to connect: the power cable and an optical cable for the television. The Sonos app will guide you step by step through the process. All you have to do is change the audio to the optical cable in the TV settings. Then you can watch series and movies, or stream music to the soundtrack through the app.

The Playbase gives a beautiful, bright and powerful sound with a deep bass. Whether you watch television or listen to music. Solo, the soundplate is sure to be male, but the result is even better if you expand with Play speakers and the Sub subwoofer. The viewing point on the television changes well because of the thickness of the Playbase, but whether this is annoying depends on the height of your TV furniture.

+ Stretched design.

+ Nice and powerful sound.

+ Easy to use.

- Price of € 799 is on the high side.

- Supports only optical cable and, for example, no hdmi.

Do you already have a Playbar at home? Then it is not necessary to replace it with the Playbase. The quality of this soundbar is still good. But if you have a standing TV and no soundbar or soundtrack, then the Playbase is a must. The price of € 799 is on the high side, but you get a good device for backing that will make watching the television more enjoyable.

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