Review: SmartHalo

Review: SmartHalo

Tech June 13, 2017 12:21

- At last, the weather will work and we can revive the wide world on the bike. The SmartHalo helps you- among other things- when finding the way.

The SmartHalo is a circular device that you mount on the steering wheel of your bike. That assembly is incredibly simple and you can easily do it within a quarter of a while. It's just a matter of tightening the screw. A circle of multi-colored LED lights is in the circle. By connecting him to an app, you can use these lights in different ways.

For example, the device can provide directions. Specify a destination in the app and whenever you have to turn somewhere, it not only indicates which side but how sharp the turn is. The handy is that he already indicates a few meters beforehand when it comes to a downturn and even at the moment supreme with a sound signal indicating that you really need to do it.

In addition, the SmartHalo also functions as anti-theft device. Once you put it in the lock mode, an alarm will sound if someone is riding your bike for more than a few seconds. Also, the gadget indicates when you receive a text message or other message, and can see through the fitness section of the app whether your pre-set movement goals are met.

The SmartHalo navigation function works flawlessly. It's just getting used to the first few minutes- you need to learn a moment when, for example, you want to finish off- but within no time you do not know better and drive your target in one run.

The rest of the features are nice extras, but maybe the purchase is not worth the purchase. For example, the alarm function is not really useful when you put your bike at a train station where the bikes are close to each other. Someone just have to come up with your bike a few times and the thing is already over. A bit too sensitive so. Furthermore, the fitness features are fun, but it's not something that you can not get with a free app.

One disadvantage is that the app is currently only in English, which can be a barrier to people who are having trouble.

+ Intuitive way of navigating.

+ Easy installation.

+ Reasonably priced.

+/- Additional features are nice but do not add much.

- English only.

Do you often ride bicycle tours and would you like to do not have to look constantly on a map or phone? Then the SmartHalo is a great invention. He shows you exactly what you need, without distracting you from traffic. The rest of the features are nice extras.

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