Review: PES 2017 vs FIFA 17

Review: PES 2017 vs FIFA 17

Tech October 2, 2016 13:21

- They are back in the shop: the latest versions of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. We put the doubters the biggest similarities and differences between the two football games in a row.

Like every year, the developers of the games do their best to extol the graphics. Those are indeed improved, but not as dramatically as the trailers suggest. The 'Frostbite engine, 'a marketing term FIFA publisher Electronic Arts, mainly produces beautiful images in the new game mode, The Journey. In it, the gamer wins the football world through young talent Alex Hunter.

Pro Evo has long been just a little less slick than FIFA. That is also the case in the edition of this year. Still, gamers have little to complain. The movements are smooth, the curvature of the just magical and the stadiums- including sounds!- Provide an enormous kick.

For Konami (PES) and Electronic Arts is both keen to make it look as real as possible all the star players. That means that players of the caliber of Lionel Messi and Arjen Robben both games have been recreated very striking. Close-ups is that the mimicry by FIFA is slightly better.

If we go down one step in world football, for example, to the Eredivisie, then walk the differences further apart. Where PES Feyenoord defender got his curious tail, EA has not even bothered to put next to a photo Liverpool midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum. The result is a Pakistani street vendor who can play football damn good.

PES does have considerably less 'real' club names, because Konami does not have all licenses. 'Man Blue 'and' Red Man 'can be traced back until the two rivals from Manchester. At MD White (Real Madrid) it is already difficult, and East Dorsetshire (Bournemouth) is totally unrecognizable. On all platforms except for the Xbox version, this problem is moreover fix with a patch.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

For seasoned FIFA fans are some updates to get used to. Smoothly around playing the ball seems to become more difficult, as it appears in online competitions that opponents do not all suffer from it. Bigger differences are dead game moments. At corners, free kicks and penalties determines the position of your joystick where the ball lands. If that is the game for good, we can not judge yet. After ten hours of play (one touch shot penalty, hooray!) Is briefly taking corners to give back in touch the ball for the most effective option.

PES has less decrepit innovations. As is known, the buttons configuration slightly different than those of FIFA, which will only change getting used to. For the rest PES proves to be a game of extremes. Who barely makes football games will be thrilled with the ease of playing swinging. And who is just over five hours a week, can play on the extensive opportunities to refine its strategy. Who are with FIFA limited.

Then another honorable mention for The Journey. Electronic Arts is attempting to add a storyline to FIFA. Brave, because this last year in basketball game 2k16 (not the same publisher) yet grandiose failure. EA chose a clichéverhaallijn with a black talented guy that makes the world football. The images are not distracting to the story. Nevertheless calls on the waiting the question of whether football fans have to sit here. Which would prefer from game to game and even beating the short animations during the game about to continue to play.

The MSRP of FIFA 17 is € 74.99. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 to € 59.99. In practice, the amounts are both just over € 50.

Is it necessary to invest again this year in a new football game? Then the answer is 'no'. Next year there will be an update, and goodness knows what engines are then introduced. Who FIFA 17 is considering, would do well to first download the demo. PES is a smaller difference with the edition of last year. If the latter is positive or negative, we leave to you.

Disclaimer: Both games have been tested for the Xbox One S.

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