Review: New Android Phones

Review: New Android Phones

Tech December 9, 2016 14:18

- These are busy times in the phone market. Although the market seems to be dominated by Apple and Samsung, there are plenty of alternatives available. You can almost through the trees do not see the wood. We take a number of recent handsets under scrutiny.

Sony continues quietly with the release of new phones. The latest handsets are the Xperia XZ and X Compact. As its name suggests, the Compact basically a smaller version of its big brother.

But let's start with the similarities: apart from the size both devices have a similar design. It is striking, for example, that the fingerprint sensor is on the right-hand side of the units, rather than under the screen or on the back.

On the back of both units can be found a 23 megapixel camera. Allows to be very neat photos with particular colors appear beautiful. However, both devices tend to things a little too dark, though it can be straightened fine by the institutions themselves.

Also on both devices Android with Sony's own software sauce. However, this is not particularly annoying and all the options and features you actually find where you would expect if you're used to Android. A bit annoying, all Sony services and apps you, especially in the beginning, constant harassment. Anyway, as adjusted after the first few days the device if you want, so really long-term problem is that now it is not. Plus, you can simply remove most applications.

The differences lie in addition to size- the XZ is 5.2 inches tall and 4.6 inches X Compact- also in quality. namely the XZ has a screen with Full HD resolution, while the X Compact remains stabbing at 720p. The processor in the small version is slightly slower, if you notice there is not very much in practice.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Another difference is the body. Where the XZ feels luxurious, the X Compact still feels a bit cheap because the shell is completely made of plastic. His big brother makes proper use of metal, which is what neater.

Both devices are excellent smartphones. The only thing that puts the price. The competition among Android phones is fierce and the price of both phones are found simply faster, better equipment. So you will not get instant regret the purchase, until you next to someone on the train who have an iPhone or Galaxy 6s S7 purchased for less money...

The Chinese telecoms giant Huawei has become a global player in the smartphone market. That's not surprising, because the company has very quickly become good at making powerful phones.

The Mate 9 is the new 'phablet' of the company. With a screen size of 5.9 inches it may safely be called a giant. Although the iPhone 7 Plus is the same size, but has a smaller screen. The Chinese giant also makes better use of the space in the body than his American brother.

The design is also not very spectacular, but it is a smart phone. Back to find two cameras (the camera system was developed in collaboration with Leica) above a fingerprint scanner.

The camera is a bit of a different story. The device can create snapshots of 20 megapixels in black / white, but color is limited to 12 megapixels. It's a weird split, but luckily the camera in itself already so good that it is difficult to make it busy. The device is very fast very sharp snapshots and the camera app Huawei offers a lot of options to put the experience all the way to your own hand. That may be, because pictures are with the default settings a bit faded. One stroll is also recommended by the institutions.

In terms of software is- of course- opted for Android with about the Huawei itself own software layer. I'm not a huge fan of this, especially the lack of a separate app screen. Huawei namely choose the Apple method where you have lost all apps on the various home pages. Not my favorite way, so, but I can live with.

Huawei has quickly become good at making high-quality devices. Especially in a world in which the Note 7 Samsung is not on the market, Mate 9 is an excellent device for the phablet enthusiasts. A beautiful screen, a powerful camera and powerful hardware, short, rightly called an attractive, high.

It all does not need that expensive, Alcatel has proven a while. Chinese phone manufacturer makes cheap smartphones with decent specifications but tries with the Shine Lite now more lovers of design just the charm.

But first the numbers. The device has a five-inch HD-ready display. Quite large with a- today- fairly low resolution, but the colors are bright and fresh and the price is called the quality more than fine.

The camera on the back to make his shots of 13 megapixel high. The quality is fine to mention. It can not compete with the iPhone 7 Plus and of this world, but good: you pay 600 peak less, of course. And for your home, garden and kitchen pictures meets the camera fine.

The unit is version 6 of Android. Thank goodness Alcatel has resisted the temptation to make major modifications to the software. The whole works so largely as expected from an Android device, with a separate app screen in addition to the regular home screens. There are few private Alcatel apps preinstalled, so you do not have to worry.

And the design where it's all about in this case. Thus Alcatel for the Shine Lite opted for a glass back. That of course is a little fragile, but it is beautiful. The different colors, white, black and gold, each stylishly executed.

Today, it is for a long time not specifically more to make a cheap telephone with sound hardware. But Alcatel has it succeeded there also a nice jacket to knit around it.

The name will not be much Wiko Dutch immediately what to say. The French brand is a relative newcomer to the smartphone market, especially in our country. The U Feel Prime is also a neat introduction.

The device has a 5-inch Full HD screen. This therefore has an advantage over the Shine Lite Alcatel. The rest of the design is not particularly surprising, but it is all tooled and the phone feels good in the hand.

The back can be found a 13-megapixel camera that can take decent pictures and HD videos. First is also further to find an 8 megapixel camera with flash, so even see selfies fine.

There is also a fingerprint sensor with which you obviously can unlock the phone. On the U Feel however, it is also possible to link certain actions to each finger. For example you can automatically open the browser to unlock the phone with your finger- if you have set. Also, it is calling to associate a specific contact to a particular finger. A bit of a gimmick, this technique, but funny and in some cases it can certainly be useful.

This gimmick is possible by its own version of Android 6 Wiko indicated on the device. However, this does not differ that much from the mainstream, 'bare' version. Still, you have a separate application screen besides the regular thuisschemen and the number of pre-installed applications are kept low.

The Wiko You Feel Prime is altogether a powerful phone for the price. He is fast, has a great screen, decent camera and a funny gimmick with his finger actions. He looks just not as tight as his rival Alcatel.

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