Review: Misfit Ray

Review: Misfit Ray

Tech September 2, 2016 10:48

- Fitness Bracelets usually not excel in beauty. They are especially practical and often with a plastic sport band. Misfit takes a different route with its products. Therefore Ray looks more like a bracelet than a regular fitness tracker.

In the Netherlands get the Misfit Ray in black or rose gold to € 99.99, but who want more choice to the website of Misfit also find blue, green, silver and gold. As mentioned, the band looks different. The Ray is stylish with its simplistic design. The technique has been stopped in an aluminum tube with a diameter 12mm and length 38mm. It weighs 8 grams. The Ray runs on three batteries buttons, which will last six months. He is waterproof to 50 meters, so you can swim and shower with it.

Ray comes standard with a black strap made of TPU, a mix between plastic and soft silicone. Normal brand you almost do not you have him, except in hot weather. Then it feels a bit sticky on the skin. Online you can also find other accessories as the fitness band entirely to suit your own taste. There are sets of bracelets and necklaces for sale to hang on Ray from € 28.40.
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The full specifications of the Misfit Ray can be read here.

The Misfit Ray has no screen, but gives messages via vibration and Flashlight. If you receive a call or there is an SMS or mail within, then the light turns green. When a yellow light, you have too long sat still and you are encouraged to move. You can also use it as an alarm clock. Though it does not make much impression when you fast asleep.

If fitness band keep the calories burned, steps walked, distance traveled and sleep patterns at. Ray has no built-in heart rate monitor or GPS. Whoever finds important, need to eat another fitness tracker.

The Misfit app contains all the information gathered. Ray is not the most accurate fitnesband I tested, which is also mainly due to the absence of the aforementioned GPS. But for an overall picture is Ray fine and my sleep pattern he keeps pretty good at.

Via bluetooth it synchronizes with the band and he brings in all the information. There is no automatic synchronization. So beware when you open the app won everything. It ensures that the phone's battery last longer. Sometimes there is no connection because an update is whether the stroke is Ray. Do not panic. He remains just remember everything. Just as the batteries and sync again with the app.

The Fitbit Flex (€ 75) and Jawbone Up3 (€ 89 and with heart rate monitor) are both cheaper than Ray, but winning in design certainly not. The Fitbit Blaze and Apple Watch offer more fitness tracking capabilities and to adjust flavor with other bands, but down in price a lot higher at € 229 and € 369 respectively.

For athletes, the Misfit Ray does not offer enough features and accuracy. But who simply wants to know how he moves and something beautiful to want to have the wrist, can thus fine feet. I myself at parties many people surprised by the fact that it turned out to be no ordinary bracelet.

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