Review: LG V20

Review: LG V20

Tech October 14, 2016 15:42

- Electronics giant LG released earlier this year flagship all of the G5. It was a decent quality phone, but no huge sales hit. In the homeland of Korea and some other countries it now has a new winner: the V20.

The G5 was a decent smartphone with a rather unique gimmick: you could connect special modules for example to improve the sound quality or add physical camera control. The V20- though not yet officially available in the Netherlands- has a completely different gimmick: it has two screens.

But let's start at the beginning: the design. When out of the box of the device, there is very little that really stands out on the phone. On the front is a 5.7 inches large screen above a camera. At the rear two cameras- one with a wide angle and a telephoto lens- and one big push button that turns double as a fingerprint scanner. The back can indeed be removed, after which the battery can be replaced. However, this phone is not waterproof like the Galaxy S7 Samsung and the iPhone 7 Apple, so there is something opposite.

But I was forgetting something on the front: the second screen. To be honest: it is only on when you turn the camera on. This second screen is actually a kind of news ticker above the normal screen. To this can be displayed notifications, or the time. That does not sound very interesting, but because the second screen constantly on, it is easy to see what's going on when the unit is in standby. It is also possible to place shortcuts in the second screen, allowing you to quickly switch between apps.

The question is: is it useful? And the answer is: yes! Honestly I was not expecting very much, but in practice it is convenient to be able to without having to navigate to the home screen quickly to your favorite apps. Granted, that sounds not exactly a revolutionary feature, but this is such a small addition that enhances the convenience.

What about the rest of the device? Well, to be alone. Under the hood ronkt a quad core Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM. There is 32GB of storage memory available, but that can be expanded with an SD card. The cameras are fast and provide particularly good snaps on. The smartphone cameras LG may for a while with no problems competing with those from Samsung and Apple, and it now appears again.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

The handset comes with Android 7. 0, the latest version of the operating system. Main news herein is the ability to have multiple applications open at the same time on the screen. Thanks to the powerful hardware shows that to be a problem, and the screen is also large enough to be able to make use of this decent.

LG would also have pre-installed its own software layer and this also removes the existing standard on Android 'app drawer ', or the screen which can be seen all apps. Which should now simply be placed on the home screens. It's not my favorite UI, but since Android is such a flexible system, it is quite easy to customize a sleeve.

For the rest, it is an attractive, high in performance. Everything reacts quickly, and also run the most intensive apps with ease.

Since the V20 is not yet officially available in the Netherlands, it is difficult to give a suggested. Homeland in South Korea, he fetches about € 730, so expect that if he comes around that point will sit.

IPhone 7 Plus (from € 909) is a formidable competitor for the LG V20, especially since it has much the same features. On the Android front, the Samsung Note 7 was another option, but that is now no longer available. Google will soon release the Pixel XL, but a Dutch fee is not yet known.

The LG V20 is a very solid smartphone, both in size and in terms of performance. The phone has a nice screen, good camera and a powerful processor and the second screen is also really functional. Hopefully he comes here soon also on the market, as it can now nicely fill a hole that the Note 7 left.

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