Review: Kobo Aura One

Review: Kobo Aura One

Tech October 28, 2016 14:18

- Kobo is next Kindle is now the best-known e-reader brand. The new Aura One reader gets a larger screen available and a device suitable for reading fun in the small hours without being disturbed sleep.

Once I fixed the Kobo Aura One love, I notice two differences with the Kobo Aura H2O. Not only is the e-reader is a stroke larger (7.8 inches compared to 6.8 inches), but also the plastics edge is gone. The front is almost completely covered by the screen. As I soon had scratches on the edge with the previous model, it's nice that it now does not happen.

The e-reader has an HD Carta E-ink touch screen with a resolution of 1872 x 1404 and 300dpi, which provides a sharp image. Furthermore shines out and prevent glare in the sun. Like most competitors also have the Aura One still has a black / white screen. The back is rubbery and equipped with specks, so you keep a firm grip on the Kobo.

You do not have to be afraid of water or dust. Like the Aura H2O is also this model waterproof and has IPX8 certificate. The difference is that can the interior against water, so no annoying cover more is needed for the USB port. The Kobo may take up to 60 minutes 2 meters remain under water. So please feel free to bring him to read in the bath.

With 230 grams Aura One slightly lighter than the Aura H2O. This makes the e-reader is well in hand while reading, even though the screen is bigger. The dimensions of the device are 195.1 by 138.5 by 6.9 mm. Kobo is thin and light and fits easily into most bags.

Research has shown that blue light phone screens is bad for sleep. The Kobo Aura One features Comfort Light Pro. The e-reader has nine white LEDs and eight RGB LEDs. The latter concerns the evening for yellow light, you can adjust to taste. Since this is easier on the eyes, you can read just fine before bedtime. Whatever can be adjusted, are the font and size.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

The Kobo Aura One is equipped with 8GB of memory. It holds about 6. 000 ebooks on the e-reader. You can buy through the Kobo Store and Globe. com or borrow from the local library. It is connected via a USB cable is also possible to make your own books on the Kobo in formats like epub, mobi, pdf, txt, jpeg and poison.

According to Kobo is the Aura One battery a monthly basis, but that it depends on whether he is continuously connected to the wifi and how strong or weak you set the backlight. Look especially at night without a nightlight? Then the e-reader to work harder and go the battery pack faster.

The Kobo Aura One is for € 229 in the store. Major competitor's Kindle. The Voyage (€ 189.99) readers also allows you to adjust the backlight to taste and the Oasis battery (€ 289.99) is months long. Both devices do have a 6 inch screen. For those who like a good e-reader want for less money, there are the Kobo Aura (€ 119.99) and Kindle Paperwhite (€ 119.99).

The Kobo Aura One will appeal to many readers. Fit more text on the big screen, read in the bath or pool is not a problem and is also thought to be the nightly reading sessions. The price is higher than the cheaper e-readers, but you get a lot of convenience in return.

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