'Review: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus'

'Review: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus'

Tech September 19, 2016 23:06

- "You know that expresses a product to the imagination if there is more than one year in advance talk about a function that is not in it. It's true: the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus contain no opening for a traditional headphone plug. But what about the fact the rest of these phones?"

"Normally iPhones come in a so-called tick-tock rhythm off. With each new numbered one hears a new look design, taking the S-model the following year builds returns. Not so with the iPhone 7, where the main elements of the iPhone 6 and 6s have been preserved. According to rumors, we can next year- at the tenth anniversary of the iPhone- expect something radical new, but until then we must do so with a somewhat more familiar design. There are a few minor differences. Thus, the antenna tape something else, there is the place where the first headphone hole sat an extra speaker and sit behind the 7 Plus model not one but two cameras. In addition, both models are now also available in a glossy black and matte black finish."

"But let's start with the home button. The iPhone 7 because it contains no longer a physical button below the screen, but has a touch-sensitive circle in the same spot. Is wrapped around the edges a little striation, so you can still easily find by feel the 'button'. Pressing the new home button vibrates among the 'Taptic engine, a small vibrator which Apple previously introduced already in the Apple Watch and trackpads different MacBook models. This pressure is simulated by a physical button. Honesty, however, commands me to say it does not work as convincing as the trackpads, where it really is just you or the whole plane physically pressed. Not that it therefore does not work properly, you get good feedback about the fact that you \"pressed\" have the button, so the end result is the same.\n  \n    \n     \n      \n        1:45\n      \n     Base jumper leaps death response\n     \n     \n      \n        3:57\n      \n     Rotten vs. vloggers \"limit is reached\"\n     \n     \n      \n        1:53\n      \n     Lower Turk goes loose on harassing vloggers"

"What did you as a user on here? In itself not so much, except that the iPhone 7 will is waterproof and dustproof. The device can survive 30 minutes to one meter under water. Not exactly suited to scuba diving to go, but a fall in the sink or a glass of beer is not exactly a reason to rush to the phone shop for a new one. With this move, Apple finally agrees to major competitor Samsung that its Galaxy S some time ago made waterproof. Not new, then, but a welcome addition nonetheless."


"Also new is the A10 Fusion chip, the latest processor from Apple. This is yet more powerful than its predecessor, though you do not make very much in daily use. Only when you put it next to an iPhone 6s and use the same apps on both devices, you will notice some faster load times and slightly better performance for graphics-intensive applications. Performs so well, but a shocking difference is not there.\n  \n  \n   advertisement"

"Well worth a mention is that the chip is now two 'has high performance cores and two' low energy 'cores. That means that for less intensive tasks, such as using the calendar app or the calculator, the latter cores are used and therefore less power is drawn. Because of this (and no doubt by the slightly larger battery in both devices) iPhone 7 goes on a single charge up to two hours longer than before. The iPhone 7 Plus should 'only' doing an hour longer, but still had a longer battery life than its little brother."

"Then another major innovation: the camera. The iPhone 7 has received optical image stabilization. Formerly was reserved for the Plus models, but Apple has also managed to squeeze into the smaller model. This makes getting pictures less rapidly moved when the shutter speed is lower, such as in low light."

"The main innovation has been the 7 Plus. This fact has not one, but two cameras on the back. Both are 12 megapixels, but one has a wide-angle lens, while the other a telephoto lens. The effect is that you not only can use digital zoom, as well as optical and thus can achieve up to 2x zoom with no loss of quality. Additionally, you can zoom in up to 10x digitally, with the picture also looks very reasonable."

"Apple is already no longer the only smartphone manufacturer that can make a good camera phone- Samsung, Huawei and LG are also twisted become good at- but it gets among other things by this kind of innovations are never far from the top. The improved zoom capabilities are certainly a welcome addition and has persuaded me personally of a 6s to switch to a 7 Plus."

"Well, we should have still talk about the hot potato: the missing headphone jack. The big question is: do you miss any? Of course, is that what you are currently using headphones. Are you totally hooked on your wired copy, then you rely on the supplied adaptertje so you can connect the device via the Lightning port. It works fine, but ideally it is not natural. For example you can not charge the same time and use your headphones."

"This argument also applies when using the supplied earpods, the earbuds from Apple. These now come with a Lightning connector, but then you run into the same problem."

"In short: if you want to use a wired headset- whether a lightning-copy or not- then the situation is simply not ideal. At the same time we do not have to do dramatic: the iPhone loads pretty quickly (though Apple can still learn something from the 'fast charge' of competing Android phones), so long as you will not exactly have to be devoid of music."

"However, it is clear that Apple totally bet on a wireless future. So if you have a bluetooth headset or are you willing to move on it, it is the lack of a headphone port is actually no problem. The iPhone-maker himself comes late October with AirPods, wireless earphones that easy to 'pair' with iOS and Mac OS devices."

"Of course runs on the latest handset also the latest version of the operating system iOS. With version 10, Apple again has a number of innovations, such as opportunities for iMessage messages to cheer up. So you can set off fireworks on the receiving phone, for example, to let you know that you have something to celebrate."

"The most important news is somewhat less sexy: improved notifications. Especially on the standby screen is now much more possible, such as directly returning a message or check off an item on the to-do list. Developers should only be build support for this feature, so many older applications require an update."

"The iPhone 7 starts at € 769, two bucks more expensive than the iPhone 6s at the time of launch. Shame about the price increase, but this time the storage starts at 32GB and not 16GB at least, as in the past. This was in an era of 4K video and Live Photos little weird, so finally solved that problem."

"The iPhone 7 Plus starts at € 909. A hefty price- and a further increase of € 60 compared to the 6s Plus last year. Again, the basic version store has doubled, but apparently the other € 40 needed to cover the costs of the second camera."

"Moreover, the competition is not cheap, so Apple is certainly not alone. The Galaxy S7 Samsung is already almost half a year and takes new still € 649. The difference is not huge with a brand new iPhone 7. And the Galaxy Note 7 has a suggested retail price of € 849, which thus makes the difference quite small with the iPhone 7 Plus. The question is how long it takes for Samsung which replaced exploding batteries and the device is therefore in stores."

"Meanwhile, Huawei P9- also equipped with two cameras on the back- all to get around € 540."

"It all is not too bad with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. I mean both in the context of the new features as on the face of the much-discussed lack of headphone jack. It is very convenient that the phones now are waterproof, faster and above all energy-efficient processor is always welcome and the camera in the iPhone 7 Plus hefty better, but owners of a 6s need not be immediately jealous and run to the store. Especially with a view to next year when Apple- at least according to rumors- really will turn out with new features and a new design."

"That does not mean that both devices again among the best smartphones of the moment. Is it time to upgrade and you're in the market for a premium device- both in terms of quality and price- all units are excellent choices. The Plus model slightly preferred, but yes, which is € 150 more expensive."

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