Review, iPad Pro

Review, iPad Pro

Tech November 12, 2015 13:08

- When the original iPad was launched in 2010, it was the first tablet that really was successful. But market trends change and many manufacturers seem to shift towards a combination of tablet and laptop. Apple also sees this trend and joins the new iPad Pro. The platform can offer an experience that equals the productivity of laptops?


When I saw the Pro surrounding the unveiling in September for the first time in person, I thought " this thing is too big. " With its 12.9-inch screen is a robust device for a tablet. With a thickness of 6,9mm and a weight of just over 700g are other physical characteristics it yet. You will not hold the Pro hose with one hand to read a book, but it is not meant for.

In addition to the size of the screen, there are some other hardware innovations with respect to other models. So now there are four speakers can be found in the device, two on the left and two on the right when the tablet is held horizontally. This therefore now give sound in stereo, whereby the distribution of the audiokanalan dynamically moves with how the tablet is oriented. Sound for the left coming anyway so out of the left speaker, and the right course from the right speakers. In addition, I must also say that the Pro can be put considerably louder than its smaller siblings. Fine for home use, to watch films but also useful when giving a presentation, the speakers can now do just fine.

In addition, the Pro features the new A9X chip. This is a souped-up version of the A9, which can be found in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. This chip, combined with the 4GB of RAM ensure that this tablet works very quickly. Load times are short and especially the display and manipulate 3D models is extremely easy, while on older hardware still sometimes can cause hitches.

Other innovations hooks on the optional accessories, the Apple Pencil stylus and Smart Keyboard. Questioned specifically later in this review, but the new data port on the side of the iPad Pro is still worth even mentioning. This actually acts as a USB port, which both data are reported as current. The port can also be used by other accessories such as a manufacturer would want.


Like on every iPad also runs on the Pro iOS operating system, in this case, version 9 software contains, apart from support for the new accessories, no specific functions for the big screen. The image size does help with the main objective of the Pro: be productive. Especially multitasking, two apps are twisted together, this new device is much finer. The screen has namely exactly the size of two iPad Air screens next to each other. This allows you to literally two iPad apps on a regular size running side by side. As someone who uses this function- in the train, it's easy for me to work with a word processor in one window and the web browser or mailapp in the other- I can appreciate the extra space.

One drawback is that the iPad Pro suffers from the iPhone 6 Plus syndrome. By this I mean that certain elements in apps that have not been updated to take advantage of the big screen, are suddenly inflated. Thus, in these applications, the icons in the top bar (which displays include the battery level and strength of the Wi-Fi or 4G data connection) suddenly enormous. Also in apps like Facebook, the text really big, and the buttons at the bottom picture. Now, most applications will undoubtedly get an update, since that too for the sixth Plus happened, but in the first weeks you should be aware of these kinds of antics.


If you had asked me five years ago if you can really get work done on an iPad, I would you have laughed in your face. Meanwhile we have some time ahead and the innovations in iOS linked to a flourishing App Store ensured that it can indeed. First, there are numerous really powerful apps available, PowerPoint, Excel and Word from Microsoft to a real version of AutoCAD 3D modeling program. Adobe also offers a complete suite of powerful photo editing apps, including professional Lightroom. Admittedly, the big brothers on the PC and Mac usually offer more options, but for a large part of the users, the iOS apps sufficient.

Additionally, iOS now offers good ways to get from one app into other files via the ' sharing' menu which appmakers can pick up yourself. Transferring a drawing from procreate to Photoshop to edit it further as this example is a piece of cake.

Incidentally, I do not mean to say that is already complete can compete with Windows or OS X when it comes to productivity. The sheer fact that you can have more than two windows open on these systems and multiple applications can run simultaneously, giving it an advantage. But if you do not necessarily have, then iOS is now a fairly mature operating system you can really get something done.


Apple itself simultaneously brings to the iPad Pro, two new accessories on the market : the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. The Pencil is at first sight very simple stylus. It looks like a pencil and does not contain any buttons. However, it is pressure-sensitive, so that during the drawing, for example, thicker lines can be drawn by pressing harder on the screen. The unit can also see how you hold it diagonally. This lets you put so wide strips on paper with the Pencil thing to keep more horizontal firm, as you might do with a real pencil.

Now the Pencil is not the first stylus which was released for the iPad, and it works much better than anything I 've tried. First, it is the tip thin and hard and rubbery, and not wide, like virtually all other styli, making it a more precise piece is in use. You hit a point at the screen, is also over there really a point to be on the digital canvas.

In addition, the software reacts faster with the Pencil 's movements. By this I mean that the time between touching the screen and the appearance of a line is very short. Only if you take a swipe at high speeds, you just see the line appear behind the tip of the stylus, but even that breaks the illusion of really not draw.

Finally, the so-called palm recognition is excellent. This software-based technique is designed so you can have a hand on the touch screen to rest without it if touch is registered. So you can well keep your hand on the screen while you 're drawing.

Pencil uses bluetooth for data indicate the pressure level on the iPad and so should he also be charged. According to Apple, it lasts for about 12 hours with a full battery and that beats roughly so. With me he went for a week on a single charge with pretty much use. Charging, with the Lightning connector on the rear panel. It can be plugged into the iPad and within half an hour he is full. It is also possible to connect using the supplied adapter him on a lightning charging cable.

Since I am not a professional artist, I decided some members of the illustration department of De Telegraaf with the iPad Pro and Pencil set to work. They had almost nothing but good things to say. So they were impressed by the speed. The only point of criticism was the design of the Pencil himself : he is made of smooth plastic and if you sit for an hour to sign, he would sometimes slip between the fingers.

In addition, I must mention : of course this stylus does not offer all the options and opportunities available to the professional graphics tablet, such as Wacom. But since these can cost thousands of euros, the difference in quality can be forgiven. To draw nice and painting on the iPad Pencil Pro is an excellent addition.

The only thing it puts me, is that Apple did not provide a storage place for the pencil. In or on the iPad itself, nor in the Smart Keyboard. One of the main criticisms of the late CEO Steve Jobs was on styluses you hit them rapidly lost, and that problem seems to be the company itself have not yet been resolved.

Incidentally, the Pencil only works on the iPad Pro. He can not be linked to an Air or Mini at all and do nothing on the screens of these tablets.

Smart Keyboard

To make easy the comparison with the Surface, Apple has also made ​​its own keyboard. Smart Keyboard This is a variation on the existing smart cover, which can be fixed with a magnet on the side of the IPAD. The Smart Keyboard is obviously slightly thicker- finally there must be a very keyboard- but even then he is in conjunction with the iPad thinner than most laptops.

The cover can be folded so that the iPad can stand freely upright. Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust the stahoek. During testing I did not have much experience, but I can well imagine that in order to work in tighter spaces, such as in an airplane, or been this convenient.

The question is: he taps tasty ? When Apple announced in this keyboard the same techniques used to have as in the recent 12-inch MacBook, I was equally concerned. That keyboard I found absolutely no tap tasty, partly because the buttons are partly sunken into the chassis of the laptop. Fortunately, the Smart Keyboard else. First, the buttons are higher, which you can easily feel where one key ends and the next begins. In addition, the cover of the dust passes over the keys back, which gives it a ' soft ' feel. It just feels good when you're typing.

An advantage over most keyboards for previous iPad models is that he does not need to make contact via bluetooth, but through the data port on the side of the Pro. This port will also power the Smart Keyboard, so you do not need to charge the device.

Create Logo Backlit Keyboard

Simultaneously with the Logitech accessories Apple also comes with a compatible keyboard. This is partly produced in conjunction with the iPad- maker, so that can make this use of the data port on the side.

The Create covers the entire iPad. As a result, the whole more than changes in a laptop computer during use of the Smart Keyboard The result is that the whole is somewhat thicker and less easy to handle, but if the back side is also protected from scratches. And there is still a huge advantage over : the keys are backlit, which is working under low illumination of course makes it a lot easier.

Logitech has already delivered good iPad keyboards, so he types more delicious, it was no surprise to me. The keys are big enough and there is enough space between the keys to good to feel the difference.

The iCREATE contains a row with the Smart Keyboard shortcuts that are missing. With this example, the screen brightness or volume can be adjusted. Finally, it should also be mentioned that Create is cheaper with a suggested retail price of € 149, the keyboard from Apple itself, which goes over the counter for € 179.

Price and similar devices

The cheapest version of the iPad Pro costs € 919 and has 32GB of storage memory. Thank God so Apple decided to abandon this model from the standard 16GB. 32GB is not rich, but at least you have a little breathing room.

There is also a version with 128GB, which costs € 1,099. The most expensive model has 128GB of storage, supports 4G data connections and costs € 1,249. Apple Pencil costs € 109, while the Smart Keyboard € 179 costs. So if you want the cheapest model with all the accessories, then you lose € 1,207.

Compared to other iPads is that much money, but the tablet is therefore more in the fairway of the Surface Pro 4 and the MacBook Air. The cheapest Surface Pro 4 in conjunction with the Type Cover keyboard costs € 1,149, so it's not such a big difference. The cheapest MacBook Air will cost € 999, but has no touch screen and the screen resolution is much lower.

iPad vs. Pro Surface Pro 4

I want like to mention the comparison of the iPad and the Surface, especially since they are so similar. The approach of the concept hybrid tablet / laptop is in both companies, however, completely different. The Surface is a laptop that can also serve as a tablet, while the iPad Pro is a tablet which can also serve as a laptop.

The tablet from Microsoft offers many more options when it comes to running multiple programs and it is no secret that the programs for Windows (or Mac OS X, for the equation to keep things honest) generally offer more features than their brothers on iOS. Meanwhile shoot the device deeply flawed as a standalone tablet : despite the fact that Windows 10 has many improvements in terms of use with a touch screen, it still can not compete with iOS or Android.

It is at that level that the iPad Pro so wins the battle. Like its predecessors, the Pro also excels again in usability and ease of use. But your liver so well again in flexibility. For example if you 're a video to rendering on the iPad, you can not just switch to another program while the video is completed in the background.


Before I give a true verdict : Let me start by saying that I find the iPad Pro only interesting in combination with the Pencil and keyboard. Without at least one of the two Pro is simply a larger iPad offers no wonder many advantages in relation to the competition.

Do you have the accessories upon, then you can very much with the Pro. Pencil offers a good sign experience and apps like procreate, Sketchbook and 3D modeling software UMake come this way really stand. The Smart Keyboard is pleasantly thin and tapping is going very well. If you want something robuusters, then the Logi Create Backlit Keyboard also a good option, though that does less manageable.

The ultimate question is: the iPad Pro can replace a laptop? The answer is " yes, but... " For almost all the tasks you want to perform on a laptop in the iOS system is to find a good solution, especially if you do a lot of graphic work. Pencil makes the device a real option for illustrators or photographers who want to work on the go. In addition, you obviously all the advantages of an iPad with it: relatively handy, user-friendly, a nice touch and access to countless apps and games.

It is only a bit tricky when you want to do many things at once and quickly switch between different tasks. It remains a Windows or OS X computer simply better. My advice is : please take or you can duplicate your way of working in an iOS environment, before you purchase the plunge and an iPad Pro.

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