Review : Invited SmartLock

Review : Invited SmartLock

Tech November 21, 2015 10:22

- It is a trend that we have seen a lot over the past year to swell, everything in the house must now ' smart'. So now there are even "smart" locks, such as the Invited SmartLock. The lock provides the core something fairly simple : the ability to open your door with the push of a button.

Unlike other smart gadgets that does not happen directly through a smartphone, but through an included remote control. More copies may be added, but more on that later. Incidentally, also comes a 'normal' key.


Although I can handle pretty good with electronics and computers, I was a little nervous when installing a lock. If it goes wrong and you do not know exactly what you did, you're so on the phone with a locksmith. Luckily it was installing the Invited SmartLock pretty simple. It is a matter of disassembling the old castle and in the same place and with some of the same parts put on the new slot.

You should pay close attention to what you are doing and ensure that the parts are in the right place, but with a dose of common sense to do it properly. In total, it took me about half an hour.

Incidentally, I can recommend to any first watch the installation video of the creators, which is clearer than the manual.


The use of the SmartLock is extremely simple: you press the button on the remote control and the door is not only the castle, but also open. Very useful if you have your hands full and just get to open the door.

It is also possible to put it in different positions. Normally it is in the daytime. That is, the door is closed but not locked. In the night stand he is well locked. This you must do manually. In this mode the lock after it opened automatically returns it. I myself had him especially in this position.

This mode is your home so something safer with this smart lock. You do eventually never to doubt whether you do have the door locked, he is automatically shut behind you. Of course you should not forget the digital key, but yes, you should not do with a normal house key.

Then there's the hammer setting. This will open the door if someone knocks two or three times on the door. A nice gimmick, but only if someone is home. Useful if you for example a party and suddenly many people expected, you do not have to constantly run to the door.

For safety reasons, this phenomenon is not just to turn on the remote control. At the end, under the afdekkingskap, there are two switches. One of these must be persuaded to enable this mode. In addition, it switches mode automatically after five hours.


The setting of these modes so goes with the remote. It has only one button, and should therefore be given different commands by pressing the button repeatedly pressing. For example, to activate night mode, the button once long (more than one second) and twice briefly pressed. The knock will stand with one long and three short.

It is in the beginning getting used to before you know exactly which combination ensures that state. It would have been easier if you have two or three buttons had been sitting on the remote - most car keys can too, so why the remote control of the Invited SmartLock not?

As mentioned earlier, it is also possible to connect new keys. This is probably one of the two originally provided keys required. This lock should namely be put in pairing mode, and a new remote control can be connected.

It is also possible to disconnect keys, for example, if you lose own. Well then you run against two problems. First, it is only possible to release all keys simultaneously, then your remaining remotes again must hang on the SmartLock.

In addition, it is not possible to decouple the original remote controls. So if you lose, you may hope that the honest finder brings back him, or do not know where you live, otherwise that person as to binnen.Dat same goes for ordinary locks with normal keys, but replacing an old lock is a lot cheaper than replacing a SmartLock. So it is smart to purchase a few extra keys at the lock and the originals safely home (or know) behind, although that can be almost € 50 each also an expensive joke.

At the beginning of this review I said this smart lock can not be controlled via a smartphone. That's not entirely true, because if you're a Wizard Home automation station ownership, you can attach the lock to this. Thereafter, all of the options can also be used from the corresponding app.

Price and similar devices

The Invited SmartLock will cost € 299. Here you get two remotes and a regular key.

Although smart locks lately quite a lot have been in the news, there are still few are already available. There is the Dana Lock, which can be purchased online for around € 225. This can be controlled with a smartphone. However, it must be said that this has a different size and essentially dedicated to a separate stand-alone locks.


Such Invited SmartLock is a fun gadget, works properly and feels very futuristic, but you've also actually something about it? Yes, although the benefits in practice not huge. The door opens easily, which is especially useful if you like eg with full shopping bags at the door. It is also something safer: the lock is finally done automatically after you close. Finally, the knock mode is useful for users who often have people on the ground: at a party may for instance very useful.

The lock is only as affecting the price when you consider the relatively small benefits. For this, I would not directly purchase such smart lock. It is more something to take when moving or remodeling, if you still investing for quite have in your home and interest in home automation.

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