Review: Arms and Splatoon 2

Review: Arms and Splatoon 2

Tech August 23, 2017 05:21

- This summer you can enjoy the battle with Arms and Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch. At one you have to knock with cartooneske flexible arms and the other you are an octopus girl or boy with a paintgun and a mission.

In the futuristic world of arms, people can stretch their limbs, leading to exciting, hectic fights. The cool game has the most colorful characters available. You can end up fighting with a computer-controlled opponent or take it with one to three friends. That can be done offline as well as online.

The Joy-Con Controllers control motion controls players in Arms by actually moving their fists forward, moving the fighter by tilting the controllers in the desired direction or making powerful throws by throwing both hands at the same time. For extra tactical possibilities, players can choose two different arms, each with their own specialties.

In the colorful world of Splatoon 2 everything is about freshness. The world is populated by squid-like people. You immediately think of the big griezy Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Carribean movies, but the characters do not look like that at all. Rather on cartoon-like teenagers with dreads who appear to be tentacles. Photo: Nintendo

In teams of four, these ink vendors meet each other. Although Splatoon 2 is playing in singleplayer mode, the game is only really true. In a demarcated arena, it is intended to claim as much space as possible. You do this literally by dyeing everything in the color of your team. Who has the most ground at the end of the game round wins the pot.

Arms is a fun-filled game that revives old Wii times. Put the shame aside and push yourself to victory. It may cause some muscle pain, but who does it give if you can trick your friends? At the beginning you have the idea that you're just doing something but practice brings art. Of course, it will be clear which characters and 'arms' you are the best. Arms in Arms are fun and challenging, but game variations like volleyball and basketball can be less crowded. They feel like stuffing.

Splatoon 2, like its predecessor, is a big multiplayer hit. And as often with Nintendo games, it's easy to pick up and jump, but it requires perseverance to really get the game in control. For both beginners and experts, the experience remains enjoyable. An absolutely handsome achievement, because many online games are a hell to beginner for beginners. Experienced players often push the inexperienced gamers out of the game, which does not encourage further play. If not, Splatoon, where you as a novice experience just as much fun at a play session as the seasoned painter.

+ Arms will be more fun when you get to grips with the attacks. You will put your friends upset.

+ Splatoon 2 is easy to pick up and online is always a good way to participate.

+ For both Arms and Splatoon 2, new (free) content has recently been announced. Nintendo continues to support these games after launch.

- Boxing in Arms is fun, but the game variations can not be beat.

- The camera management in Splatoon 2 really requires some agility and perseverance.

In addition to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, two nice games have been added for the Nintendo Switch, allowing you to get along with each other. Arms and Splatoon 2 are quick to pick up, but take some practice if you really want to make the skills to win matches. You can just play offline with friends or fight online.

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