'Review: Apple Watch Series 2'

'Review: Apple Watch Series 2'

Tech September 20, 2016 01:15


"Or the Apple Watch is a success all depends on how you look at it. It flew off the shelves is not determined, but it is the most sold smartwatch ever. Successful enough at least for a sequel, the Series 2. What has been improved?"

"If you put a watch old and the new version side by side, only an expert would be able to tell which is the latest. The design has remained virtually unchanged. Still, the device comes in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm, and still there are many different straps available, either from Apple itself. There is now also sold a white ceramic version, though Apple has stopped the ridiculous gold versions. But the major differences in the cabinet itself.\n  \n    \n     \n      \n        2:59\n      \n     Wilders has to vloggers\n     \n     \n      \n        1:00\n      \n     Chantal Janzen as for woman kickboxer\n     \n     \n      \n        0:40\n      \n     'Dries must not release album'"


"The first Apple Watch was mainly used as a fitness watch, so Apple has used primarily to improvements in this area. Thus, the gadget is waterproof and can therefore swimming. There are even added two new fitness programs, one in a pool and in open water. In the former, you can enter how long the bath and keep it on the basis of the number of laps swum in. Impressive is that the gadget can also detect what kind of success you use, whether it is front crawl or butterfly: it is displayed neatly. That is important, because one is an intense workout than the other and the number of calories burned is different."

"It is difficult to test whether the number of calories burned is accurate, but during testing I was in any case no problems, with counting laps and also the watch seemed to be pretty good at noticing when I changed my stroke.\n  \n  \n   advertisement"


"In addition to waterproofing is another important addition to that of GPS. The gadget can also now without the help of a near iPhone determine the location and tracking for example, a run or cycled route. When linking the Watch sends the data through and you can see in the accompanying app where you've been and how intensely you've moved in certain locations."

"This addition you do not really need to phone the sports, because even without you collect a wealth of data about each workout. You can also put on the Watch app on the iPhone up to 2GB of music on the Watch and listen with wireless earphones, so the iPhone can stay at home."

"However, it should be mentioned that pulls the GPS quite a lot of power. The receiver comes with the watch five hours. Anyway, there will not be many people who five hours straight are working out and not in between have time to recharge the watch."

"Other new hardware"

"The additions of GPS and waterproofing are nice, but in my opinion is the best upgrade a bit hidden: the processor. For the Series 2 has developed a completely new chip that is noticeably more powerful than the processor in its predecessor. Even the menus and interface of the Watch are smoother and smoother."

"Apps load in some cases up to one times as fast as an old watch with the same version of the operating system, which is the use of applications in itself makes possible. Previously, the problem was that the app drawers lasted so long that it was quicker to pull your phone out of your pocket and open it on that, but that's no longer the case with every application. How to start the Twitter within one second and is reading your tweets in no time. But I have the feeling that some apps need to be optimized. Facebook Messenger for example, will take another eternity to open at the wrist."

"The nice thing is that the new chip is also used in the Series 1, the reissue of the original Watch. This is not waterproof and contains no GPS, but it is a lot faster than its predecessor and also cheaper."

"WatchOS 3"

"Both old and new watches have version 3 operating system WatchOS. It changes some important things to the interface. So does the button below the knob can no longer go to a friends house menu, but opens a list of programs. It is similar to the menu on the iPhone when you press the Home button twice. The apps in the \"dock\" are in active memory and then start quickly. Users can decide for themselves what is and is not present here."

"Also to be found are quick settings by swiping upwards from the clock. Here among other things, to see the percentage of battery, but it can be put from here in airplane mode or Do Not Disturb mode. Finally, it is possible to switch from dial by swiping left or right."

"In addition to changes to the interface makes WatchOS 3 startup apps quickly because the longer they are in the memory and frequently used applications in fact already in the starting blocks to be launched. All in all the three versions so a hefty update."

"Obviously old features preserved. For example, the Apple Watch is still the best smartwatch to deal with notifications on an iPhone. You can easily archive emails quickly through text messages and view other notifications without having to take your phone out of your pocket. The only drawback is that there are too few ways to adjust the dials. Want to see a lot of widgets, then you are limited to a small number of plates. Slightly more options would have been welcome."

"Price and similar gadgets"

"The Apple Watch Series 2 starts at € 439 for the Sport version with a box of aluminum and glass. The stainless steel version with sapphire glass starts at € 669. The Edition version of ceramics is the most expensive version with a price of € 1,469."

"Pebble has its Time Round (€ 230) a good competitor that is compatible with the iOS platform. The device is quite flat in terms of design and the battery lasts for several days on a single charge. However, notifications are not as interactive as the Apple Watch. The same goes for the Huawei Watch (€ 299), which runs on Google Wear, but whose design much closer to a traditional watch."


"The Apple Watch Series 2 is a solid improvement over its older brother. The fact that you can now swim, and the addition of GPS make the device a full fitness watch that can compete with most specialized gadgets in this category. It also continues to retain the best features of its predecessors, such as the way notifications are handled from the wrist."

"The price is always quite large compared with the competition, but the Watch usually offers more possibilities than other smart watches, especially in terms of alerts. But the funny thing is that Apple also released a Series 1, which is an updated version of the original Watch with the new processor, the Series 2. This is € 100 cheaper than its predecessor, making it quite affordable smartwatch considering the quality. Like GPS or the opportunity to swim with them not as exciting, this is a strong option."

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