'Rest Natalee Holloway Found In Aruba'

'Rest Natalee Holloway Found In Aruba'

World August 16, 2017 17:42

- After a 12-year search, Natalee Holloway may end up being final. After a new tip, her father would have found human remains in a park on Aruba on Wednesday.

Whether the remains of his missing daughter must show DNA research. The tip came from a man named Gabriel, reports Daily Mail. The tipger lived with the best friend of suspect Joran van der Sloot. Gabriel claims that the Dutchman who had stuck in a Peruvian cell had GHB in the drink of Natalee, after which the 18-year-old American stuck in her own boots. Joran called his father Paul, after which the two bore the body in a park.

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