Residents Molenbeek irritated

Residents Molenbeek irritated

World November 16, 2015 14:30

brussels - Residents of the Brussels commune of Molenbeek are irritated. They want their neighborhood.

Monday morning is a block with five blocks in Molenbeek closed due to a large-scale police operation in the investigation into the attacks in Paris. " I just want to my house ", or " my car is there ", it sounds.

Not only is the police are out in force, but the press is massively plucked. Local residents, onlookers and the press are kept a good distance away. As soon as someone comes near the police ribbons, gestures masked cops all the people out.

Jean has been at the center of attention after yet another link with terrorism. Two killed perpetrators of the attacks in Paris came from the Brussels municipality. The suspected perpetrator of the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels stayed there for some time, as the perpetrator of the failed attack on a Thalys train.

Residents expect most people there " normal ". life They therefore want the police and press leave as soon as possible.

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