Researchers show 4 million years old skeleton

World December 7, 2017 11:00

johannesburg - Researchers have exhibited an almost 4 million-year-old skeleton in South Africa. The special thing is that it is only complete after a few bones.

The scientists from the University of Witwatersrand who have completed the skeleton as a jigsaw puzzle have baptized our ancestor Little Foot. The first parts of the skeleton were picked up in 1997. The various other parts were found in the years after and the last part in 2012. After that, the composition of all parts began to form a whole.

The remains were found in a cave complex at Sterkfontein, northwest of Johannesburg. The complex is a popular place for researchers because fossils are often found. The bone remains of man were also found to be petrified.

The remains belong to the human species called Australopithecus. Until now, only one complete skeleton existed.

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