Researchers go kilometers deep hole drilling

Researchers go kilometers deep hole drilling

World December 3, 2015 16:15

melbourne - A group of scientists is a gap of more than five kilometers of drilling into the mantle, the layer that lies directly below the crust. The study should make it clear that our planet is made from inside, how it is formed and how the tectonic plates move.

The drilling is done from a ship in the Indian Ocean in an area lying at the bottom of the ocean many slots, and submarine volcanoes and mountains where the upper layer is thinnest. The ocean there is about 700 meters deep.,null, This project is like a super large biopsy '' said geologist Steven Micklethwaite from the Monash University against the Australian newspaper The Age.,null, It could shake the earth, not by an earthquake but by a profound change in how we understand the world. ''The hole is moreover not the deepest ever drilled. Off the coast of the Russian island Shakalin is an oil field in a hole 12 drilled 345 meters deep.

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