Research into huge crater

World February 20, 2016 23:56

- Scientists are trying to determine how could create a huge hole in the ground in Nordhausen. In the small town in the German state of Thuringia came Friday night, with no immediate apparent cause, a huge crater 30 meters wide and 40 to 50 meters deep.


In the night from Friday to Saturday collapsed part of a business that the crater was in the depths. No one was injured.

Scientists estimate that about 70 000 tons of rock collapsed with the formation of the crater. Saturday in daylight showed that a large part of the hole was filled up with water. The authorities dare not divers to descend to the bottom of the crater.

Six years ago, also came on the same spot a crack in the earth. The 6-meter-wide crater was 15 meters deep. The place was examined with special drills, but nothing was found at that time that there were voids.

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