Research into agents who do Christmas shopping in uniform

World December 25, 2017 18:57

brussels - A photograph with two police officers in uniform that do Christmas shopping in Brussels is currently on social media. Brussels-Ixelles police zone has started an investigation. 'This photo is challenging, and we have to do everything to create clarity about this situation,' said the police zone spokesperson.

The photo was made in the Brussels Docks shopping center, according to De Standaard. 'We regret this picture, since policemen in uniform are not allowed to behave in such a way, especially since we are still at level 3. Then it is inappropriate to walk around with your messages in the public space. But first we want to know exactly how the fork is in control, whether the photo is recent or not, and whether the agents were still working. '

Earlier in Belgium a similar photo appeared that caused a lot of noise. At the end of 2015 a soldier was photographed with a bag from a perfume shop while he patrolled in the center of Brussels. This man became the subject of a disciplinary investigation.

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