Research in Indonesia to claims executions

Research in Indonesia to claims executions

World August 15, 2016 03:06

makassar - The Australian expert Robert Cribb began in Indonesia's South Sulawesi investigating claims of widows and children of men who were executed by Dutch soldiers.

Cribb was appointed by the court in The Hague to look into the independent claims. In a number of cases is not in accordance with Netherlands that the husbands and fathers of ancient widows and children were summarily executed.

For his investigations he visits include funeral monuments in places like Suppa and Bulukumba. He also does in Indonesia archival research and visits veterans organizations.
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In South Sulawesi were shot certainly 3100 men late 1946 and early 1947. The massacre is the South Sulawesi affair become known.

Captain Raymond Westerling had carte blanche to suppress the violent resistance against Dutch rule in South Sulawesi. He and his subordinates did so with great force, to provide a deterrent. Other soldiers copied the methods of Westerner.

The Dutch judge ruled last year that our country is liable for the loss of children and widows of executed men in South Sulawesi.

About forty claims have been settled. The Foundation Committee Dutch Debts of Honour is the driving force behind the lawsuits. President Jeffry Pondaag announced that a total of three hundred claims are still in preparation. Among them are claims of children of executed men in the East Javanese village of Rawagede.

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