Rescue brigade is experiencing the busiest week

Rescue brigade is experiencing the busiest week

World August 28, 2017 18:09

- The Rescue Brigade was busy last week. Due to the beautiful weather, the organization's volunteers had to get into action 783 times.

In 38 cases there was a life threatening situation, 582 times first aid was granted. The Rescue Brigade speaks from the busiest week so far this summer.

Most swimmers were saved from the water for the coast of Texel and Den Helder. Animals were also saved, so there was a dog in trouble due to the strong flow of Den Helder. In IJmuiden, a number of surfers and warriors came across the east winds; They were no longer able to return independently.

Now that most school holidays have ended, the volunteer lifeguards of the Rescue Brigade are slowly building the summer season. In several places supervision will continue for a few weeks, especially in the weekends.

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