Required for cell death transgender

Required for cell death transgender

World April 12, 2016 12:28

alkmaar - The Prosecution claims 8 and 11 years in prison against the defendants of manslaughter on transgender Michelle cake. Moreover suspect Michel S. would be in addition to eight years in prison should also be imposed on tbs with compulsory treatment.

According to the public, there is no murder, because it can not be proven that the defendants Jawed H. (41) and Michel S. (31) acted with premeditation.

The 49-year-old cake was slain on April 28, 2014 at her home in Andijk. The file shows that she has been punched or kicked in the head, she was strangled and cut into her neck. Prosecutor Gerda Visser spoke of a minute series of violent act. 'The excessive violence used has caused cake in terrible way has come to an end. '

The motive was money. In March 2014 Frying of Jawed H. bought furniture for her newly opened thrift in Wervershoof. A purchase that it would be fatal a month later. 'It was a runaway argument,' H. told the court. 'We had a price agreement made from 6000 euros, but they only paid 500 euros. When I started talking. 'He took his brother along, S. Michel, who was at large after an imprisonment of two years less than two weeks.

The Prosecution assumes that H. attempted to minimize his role and S. wanted to take all the blame. But, Fisher said: 'The men are conscious and close cooperation.'

'Michel Koek has never officially Michelle can be,' said the prosecutor on the victim, who was still in the process to become a woman.

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