Republican opposition to Trump grows

Republican opposition to Trump grows

World June 17, 2016 18:00

- Dozens of delegates of the Republican Party are new plans to forge to keep Donald Trump at the convention next month of the nomination. Writes The Washington Post Friday.

The delegates were unhappy about the slain dyed candidate of their party. Include his racist comments about a judge with Mexican parents and his statements about US gun laws were bad.

Unlike previous 'campaigns' of Republicans in the media delegates who lead the new offensive at the convention actually adjust the rules to keep the nomination Trump. Many of the initiators supported Ted Cruz in the primaries, but they still say they have no specific alternative in mind for Trump.
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,, This is literally 'Everyone Except Trump movement '' said Kendal Unruh, a Republican delegate from Colorado who has charge of the offensive.,, No one has any idea who might step forward to be the nominee, but we're not worried about it. We do this to ensure that it is not the face of our party. ''

The Republican chairman of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, still maintains its endorsement of Trump. However, in an interview with NBC which aired Sunday Ryan stressed however that every Republican,, conscience must follow. '

Trump seems for the time being not to worry.,, I received almost 14 million votes, '' he said in a statement.,, I get tremendous support and by far the largest crowds on their feet. Such a procedure would not only be completely illegal but also a rejection of the millions of people who have such a strong opinion about what I say. ''

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