Refugee wins the lottery twice within six months

Refugee wins the lottery twice within six months

World September 12, 2018 09:48

winnipeg - Melhig Melhig, a 28-year-old African refugee living in Canada, won the Lotto twice within six months. In total, the man received 2.6 million euros.

In April he won the first prize and he won two million Canadian dollars, converted 1.3 million euros). In August he won again and he was allowed to put the same amount in his pocket.

The man has now bought a house in the Candese city of Winnipeg. He also wants to start his own business; a car wash or petrol station seems a good thing to him. He also has plans to study: 'I would like to improve my English,' explains the lucky person in a press release published by the Canadian national lottery.

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