Redistribution migrants on EU falters

Redistribution migrants on EU falters

World November 9, 2016 13:54

brussels - The spread stagnant Europe of refugees from Greece and Italy. EU countries left the last five weeks in 1212 migrants happen from both countries.

The redistribution rate has declined, but the European Commission believes that this is a temporary 'exception', and no long-term trend. More efforts by Member States are however needed quickly to the appointments over a year ago to meet the reallocation of 160 000 people, according to EU Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos (Migration) Wednesday.

The aim of all those who previously eligible by allowing travel for September 2017 can still be achieved if EU countries provide more places. In Greece are 24. 000 people ready to go to another European country and in Italy more than 20 000.

The resettlement of refugees from countries outside Europe is progressing slowly. EU Member States agreed in July 2015 there are 22. 504 record. In recent weeks there were in 1157, bringing the total to 11. 852.

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