Rally after Moroccan World Cup in Brussels: 22 agents injured

World November 12, 2017 06:48

brussels - In riots with Moroccan football supporters in the center of Brussels, 22 police officers were injured on Saturday evening. A bystander got injured and was taken to the hospital. It is not clear whether those involved were involved, reports Belgian media.

According to eyewitnesses, about 2000 football fans celebrated in the center of the city. On the way to the fair there was a group of 300 people who destroyed street furniture and ran over cars. It also threw stones into buses. Two cars were burned. Elsewhere, some of the stores were wrecked, resulting in looting. The police put in a water cannon in two places.

For the time being, no people have been arrested. However, camera images have been made to identify the perpetrators.

In the Netherlands thousands of Moroccan Dutch went up the street. Here and there it came to confrontations.

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