Quest for autistic Martijn in Bangkok stepped up

Quest for autistic Martijn in Bangkok stepped up

World May 8, 2017 12:12

outside - The search for the 24-year-old automobile Martijn from Uden is being intensified. A mother's friend has left Bangkok and will try to approach Martijn. There has also been a message on Thailand's national radio about the situation.

The young Brabander left last week to amaze his mother abroad, 'looking for a woman.' First he ended up in Poland on his way to Russia. Then he went to Thailand.

Since Martijn is very autistic, his mother is worried that he is in serious trouble. He has been seen by several people at and around Bangkok Airport. He must be approached appropriately, otherwise he may become aggressive.

Due to family circumstances, his mother is not yet available to Thailand. 'But I have told Arjen Schroevers, who manages a resort in Thailand and is on my way to Bangkok, how to approach Martijn. Nowadays, many more people are aware of the situation. Hotels, travel agencies and the emergency center know about it. All possible antennas stand out. If he is found, I will still go to Bangkok, 'said Martijn's mother Angeline Ten Have.

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