Putin: top with Trump in Helsinki and Hamburg

Putin: top with Trump in Helsinki and Hamburg

World March 30, 2017 16:30

archangelsk - Russian President Vladimir Poetin wants his US counterpart Donald Trump speaking on the sidelines of a summit on the North Pole or in Finland at an economic summit in Germany. Putin said this Thursday visited the North Russia Archangelsk. In Helsinki there is an autumn summit on the North Pole and in Hamburg is already in July economic summit of the G20 countries.

The relationship between the two countries has long been bad. An improvement among Trump's nothing materialized. This is a result of accusations in the US that the Kremlin by hackers would have to manipulate the US elections.

Putin stressed that Russia never had the intention to interfere with the US presidential election. Moscow and Washington need each other in many fields, said Putin. The possible influence of Russia on election Trump is currently in the US

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