Pursuit of people smugglers on the highway is becoming fatal

Pursuit of people smugglers on the highway is becoming fatal

World May 17, 2018 23:48

brussels - Unscrupulous smugglers in a wild chase by the Belgian police hung a two-year-old girl outside the car window in the hope that the police would stop the chase on their van. That proved in vain. In a tragic end, the fleeing van ran into a vehicle in front. The toddler was killed.

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The case has caused a major stir in Belgium where the problems with immigrants and people smugglers are increasing. The accident occurred after the Belgian highway police discovered a much too heavily loaded van on the E42 near Maisières. When he wanted to direct the Peugeot Boxer to the side, the driver thrilled. Then all stop signs were ignored.

The low point of the chase was the incident in which the girl was kept outside the window. At the moment of the collision, however, the girl was back in the car where she was later found dead. According to The Guardian, she was called Mawda and fled with her parents and her brother towards the United Kingdom.

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