Puppy with heartbreaking note left

Puppy with heartbreaking note left

World July 6, 2017 14:39

las vegas - People who leave pets leave the wind forever. But an American animal shelter calls the woman who left her chihuahua puppy and a heartbreaking letter at a Las Vegas airport just 'brave'.

'Hi, I'm Chewy', the first sentence is the note that a traveler found at the airport in Las Vegas, next to the young chihuahua. 'My boss is stuck in a violent relationship and has no money to take me to the plane. She does not want to leave me, but she can not do anything else. '

The writer continues: 'My ex-friend kicked my dog ​​when we were quarreling. 'She also reports that the animal is likely to be checked by the vet.

'I love Chewy a lot. Please take care of him. Lots of love. '

The three month old dog came to Connie and Millie's Dog Rescue in Las Vegas. Dog Care employees call Chewy's owner 'courageous'. Via Facebook, they let them know that the young chihuahua is going well, hoping that the owner also reads it.

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