Puma kills mountain biker, bites another cyclist

Puma kills mountain biker, bites another cyclist

World May 20, 2018 05:24

north bend - A man was attacked and killed by a puma during a mountain bike ride through a nature reserve in the US state of Washington. The animal also bit into the head of another cyclist, but he survived the attack and warned the police, he was only slightly injured by the attack.

The cougar was shot by an agent after the attack on the two cyclists. The animal had dragged the lifeless body of the victim to the den. The sex of the animal is not yet known.

It was the second time in 94 years that a man was killed by a cougar in the state of Washington, in the northwest of the country. An attack of this animal is very rare and occurs on average once every four years in the United States. Cougars, according to experts, only attack people when they feel threatened.

An adult male can grow up to one hundred kilos, a female about 65 kilos. The puma is the fourth largest feline on earth.

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