PSV launches rough-fought E-sport after two days in the street

PSV launches rough-fought E-sport after two days in the street

Tech July 17, 2017 10:57

- PSV has come right away- two days after service- farewell to E-sporter Tony Kok. There was a dive almost immediately after the announcement of the transfer Twitter messages revealing that the gamer online used quite grossly scorn words in the past. Therefore, PSV wanted to go straight from Kok, which is also an Ajax fan.

'The club management has found that Kok and his management have failed to share information about the past's gamer,' the club reports on the website.

'The behavior that Kok showed online a few years ago is so far from PSV's core values ‚Äč‚Äčthat a continuation of collaboration is impossible.'

'Of course we did an antecedent research,' says Manager Marketing \u0026 amp; Media Guus Pennings \u0026 nbsp; of PSV. 'To get a good picture of someone- even with regard to online behavior- it is necessary for the other party to play a fully open card. And that has not been the case. We regret that. It's a nasty experience in the playing field of E-sports, but therefore also a real lesson. '

'I'm very happy. It's a dream to get out for such a big club,' said Tony Kok, who was three times Dutch champion, two days ago in his presentation.

'I'm wondering what's going to happen to me, I'm very excited about it. My goal is to win the eDivision and the tournaments I'm participating in. Of course I've also accepted that.'

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