Prospector finds nugget of 4 kilos

Prospector finds nugget of 4 kilos

World August 25, 2016 12:45

sydney - A man with a metal detector made the discovery of his life. In an abandoned gold mine in the Australian state g Friday he found a clump of 145 ounces (4.11 kilograms). The man had told this to the manufacturer of the metal detector, which made it to the world.

,, At first I thought it was an old horseshoe. 'Declared the lucky finder It proved a significant nugget, which was named 'Friday's Joy (Happiness Friday) But what do you do with so much gold,, It's like catching a big fish,..? What you need it? ' said the man.,, I wrapped the lump crops in aluminum foil and hidden in my oven. '

Earlier he found gold nuggets in this location. It is estimated that this finding is converted worth about 170 000.
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In 1869, the largest gold nugget ever discovered. Who weighed 72 kilos.

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