Pronunciation in guardian deity Boris and Lilly Becker

Pronunciation in guardian deity Boris and Lilly Becker

World September 21, 2018 10:00

- Boris and Lilly Becker were Wednesday at the London court in connection with the right of care for their son. Their son also had to appear before the judge on Wednesday, after which the district court ruled.

After 6 hours of negotiations in the London court, the judge decided in favor of Lilly. Although Boris and Lilly still have the shared custody of the 8-year-old Amadeus, Lilly can decide where their son will live.

Since the announced divorce their son lived with Lilly in London and he will continue to do so. 'Father and mother have the possibility to decide together when and how often their child stays with the other parent', explains family law expert Andreas Perner to the German newspaper Bild. 'If they can not come out here, the court can intervene again. '

'Amadeus and me are doing well. It just belongs to life, but now we have to catch our breath. It was not easy ', Lilly responded Thursday evening during the premiere of Flashdance in Hamburg. 'It was just biting through. You make a promise and think that it is forever, but then it turns out it does not work. '

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