Professor Layton gets follow-up in new game

Professor Layton gets follow-up in new game

Tech August 17, 2017 17:51

- Professor Layton solves puzzles for 10 years. Now, however, he has disappeared, his daughter Katrielle takes over the stick. On October 6, 'Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire Plot' will appear for the Nintendo 3DS.

The story begins when Katrielle sets up her Layton Detective Agency, determined to prove her and hoping that the interest in her desk will lead to clues about her missing father. On her loyal bike Katrielle moves through London, where she dissolves one after another unlikely thing.

Thus she enters into a mysterious adventure that eventually leads to the discovery of a conspiracy of millionaires. Fortunately, Katrielle gets help from her assistant Ernest Greeves and the talking dog Sherl.

Both loyal Layton fans and newcomers must look for clues, crack many puzzles and finally find out the truth behind all mysteries. Fashion-conscious players can also rebuild the desk and cover Katrielle in various outfits.

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