Producer Klaver film: phone red hot

Producer Klaver film: phone red hot

World August 28, 2017 16:24

the hague - Many candidates have been reported to send out the documentary about GreenLinks leader Jesse Klaver. 'The phone is red hot', lets producer Janneke Doolaard know.

BNNVARA would show 'Jesse' on television on Monday next week, but thought it was because the broadcaster wanted to avoid the appearance of bias. The documentary maker, Joey Boink, worked during the shooting of the images for the GreenLinks election campaign. The broadcaster also made a stick for the premiere in a Utrecht cinema and blocks any other performance.

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Boink and Doolaard responded disappointed. The film maker, but especially the general public, are the big losers according to Doolaard. 'People have heard so much about it; First show the movie and then decide what they think of it. Now she is filmed a movie about the most exciting campaign of the recent elections. '

Doolaard hopes that BNNVARA will make it possible to show the documentary. This requires broadcasting permission because the producer and the broadcaster share the rights. BNNVARA could transfer or sell the rights to a new candidate, but this does not mean that the broadcaster does not want to say anymore than that no decision has yet been taken. The broadcaster emphasizes that the documentary 'will not be displayed under our flag. '

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