Privacy Watchdog finds that cracking may WhatsApp

Privacy Watchdog finds that cracking may WhatsApp

Tech December 19, 2016 09:18

amsterdam - Privacy First is not against the plan of the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) for messaging services as WhattsApp and crack Telegram when national security is at risk.

The privacy watchdog says it is legitimate to allow to decrypt messages when human lives are at stake to intelligence services. 'Then things like privacy as not important,' says director Vincent Böhre.

He thus responds to the plan that the boss of the NCTV, Dick Schoof, revealed yesterday in The Guardian. It's him namely a sweet thing worth if the encryption on messages in some cases can be broken.

'It is not me, obviously surprised that he wants and that they are working on it. But in case of threat of terrorism, murder and rape is natural that this kind of resources, if you can avoid it thus, 'Böhre said.

But companies like WhattsApp Telegram and have a responsibility, Böhre says. 'It should not be such that the' decryption 'of an individual is exposed to the whole system. They must design it so that it can be cracked in individual cases, so that not everyone is a victim. But I want to emphasize that we make our further 100 percent strong for good encryption and encryption. Over there must be no doubt. '

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