Prisoners charged with noodles

Prisoners charged with noodles

World August 22, 2016 21:30

tucson - You know it from movies: American prisoners of anything and everything dealing with pay and cigarette packets. However, that is the past, because now the inmates use instant noodles as payment.

The main reason is the poor quality of the food in the American prisoners, according to a study published Monday. 'Noodles are easy to get and they contain many calories,' says researcher Michael Gibson-Light against the Guardian. 'Many prisoners work all day and do fitness. Therefore they do not have enough energy.'

The standard food is inadequate because it saves a lot of lately. The prisoners receive less and poorer food thereby. The food is so bad that the researcher was warned by prison officials not to eat, because otherwise he could reach food poisoning.
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The noodles help the prisoners by the day. Even in prisons where smoking is prohibited, and so there is more demand for cigarettes, noodles and soup are becoming increasingly popular.

The packets of noodles are often bought lots of expensive stuff. So you get to a prison where Gibson-Light was researching a sweater for two packs of noodles. Also, there are fresh vegetables purchased with the noodles. Even fights break out. 'People are being killed for noodles,' said one inmate.

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