Princess Victoria at the opening of the Sami parliament

Princess Victoria at the opening of the Sami parliament

World August 30, 2017 17:54

- Crown Princess Victoria today attended the opening of the Swedish Sami Parliament in Östersund. Her visit was a lot to do lately. There would not be a representative of the Swedish royal family at all, and that was against the sore leg of the Sami.

At the opening of parliament there is always someone from the Swedish royal house, but this year no one could free up time to travel to Östersund. King Carl Gustaf said, according to the newspaper Expressen, that personally there was a royal to northern Sweden.

Victoria said on questions from the press that she had looked closely at her agenda and still found room to be present at the opening of the Swedish Sameting, as the parliament called. The crown princess was pleased to find that she had found space in her busy schedule. 'I had a great day,' she wrote in Swedish media. 'I have seen and heard many good things. It was fun and useful. '

The Sami, or Together, is actually a nomadic people in northern Europe. They are also known as Lappen, but they find themselves insulting. Most Sami are from Norway. They are also found in Sweden and Finland. In these three countries, they have their own parliament, which in those countries also has an opinion on what happens to the Sami community.

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