Prince Laurent pay back state

Prince Laurent pay back state

World January 20, 2016 14:42

- Prince Laurent is under strong pressure from the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, an amount of 16 000 euro refunded to unlawfully claimed costs to the state.

Laurent, the younger brother of King
Filip, late last year became discredited when it was announced that all charges he staged for his benefit from the state- in Belgium called endowment- to justify. Laurent annually receives 307 000, of which 87 000 as income and the remainder for the performance of his royal duties.

Laurent however, there appeared to have a very broad view of and was firmly rapped over the knuckles by the Belgian Court of Audit. So claimed the prince numerous priv├ękosten- such as school fees for his children, receipts from the supermarket and the annual ski holiday as business expenses. He was, so ran the argument, after all, 'forever' in office.

Laurent had in completing the survey, which last year had to be done first, help and advice from the palace declined. The prince, however, now has 16. 000 euro refunded. Premier
Charles Michel had insisted on it. Laurent had to realize that he had gone over the line, found the prime minister.

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