President Poland is threatening with blockade

President Poland is threatening with blockade

World July 18, 2017 21:45

warschau - Polish president Andrzej Duda is threatening to abstain from the signature of a controversial reform of the Supreme Court. Reforms are needed because the Poles are not satisfied with the way in which the case law works, 'but the reforms must be wise,' said the president on Tuesday.

For example, Duda wants to appoint a common majority for the election of a college that is to be appointed in future, but only one in three fifths. The ruling Party of Justice and Justice (PiS) does not come in parliament there.

Since its election victory in 2015, the PiS has been expanding the government's influence over state media, courts and the Public Prosecutor. She argues that these agencies are still under the influence of communists too and believes that the parliament must be more informed about appointments so that these agencies serve more ordinary citizens.

The parliament debated Tuesday about the proposals of the PiS. The parliament building has been since Sunday when thousands of Poland in Warsaw and other cities went up the street to demonstrate against the plans, deployed with fences. The European Union has also expressed concerns about the proposals. The opposition sees in the presentation of President Duda a sign that the PiS is contributing.

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