Potty fight to regulate online with Tumblr

Potty fight to regulate online with Tumblr

Tech November 9, 2015 15:45

- What if a game fight was very tough to regulate online dating as a recruit at Tinder ? That nagging question gives Rumblr answer a dating app ' for fighters.

Tumblr shows the aggressive ones there are more in your neighborhood. Then you can appeal to them and prefer to provoke a fight. For example, by cursing a rest on their profile picture.

Then you meet up exactly where you will settle the quarrel. On an interactive map is shown with icons of clenched fists where a fight is going on. The service distinguishes between one on one fights and fights where everyone can participate.

Tumblr soon to launch website and then the creators also hope to release an app for iOS. Registration for the beta can already, but the chance still exists that it is only a joke.

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