Politician gives away money from 'friend' after Facebook message

World November 17, 2017 22:33

washinton - A Facebook post from the American high court Bill O'Neill has caused great commotion. Politician Connie Pillich will give away all the donations he received from his former 'friend'. O'Neill gave a sensation on Friday with a Facebook message about his own sexual escapades.

The two were good friends, Pillich writes on Twitter. The fact that they were both candidates for the governorship of Ohio did not change that. 'Bill O'Neill even donated money for my campaign afterwards,' says the Democrat Pillich. 'But there is nothing funny about sexual abuse. O'Neill must resign. I will give his donations to organizations that help women. '

In the message on Facebook, O'Neill condemned the accusations of sexual assault to the address of another politician, Al Franken. In addition, he described having had sex with fifty women, including a secretary of a politician, in the hayloft of her parents. Those details were quickly removed, but then the evil had already happened.

Other politicians have also spoken on Twitter. Republicans make O'Neill's mince, but also made-Democrats react angry. That is how politician Betty Sutton calls it 'shocking' that O'Neill equates 'sexual aggression with indiscretion'.

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