Political leaders to cooperate Colombia

Political leaders to cooperate Colombia

World October 6, 2016 07:15

bogota - Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and his political rival Alvaro Uribe are willing to work together for the peace treaty with the rebel group FARC. In a meeting Wednesday they have spoken to solve the different views in the peace declaration and work on the peace agreement.

Sunday the Colombian people voted in a referendum against the peace treaty with the FARC, which the agreement is uncertain. Uribe was the driving force behind the rejection in the referendum on the peace agreement Santos had reached with the FARC.

Santos wrote a referendum after having reached an agreement, assuming that the voters would give him the blessing. Uribe, who campaigned against the agreement seemed to be a voice in the wilderness. As Uribe saw many voters in Santos' agreement a misguided reward for the crimes of the FARC. So the members would not jail if they repent of crimes and getting the movement automatic seats in parliament.

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