Police shoot man dead after telephone joke

World December 30, 2017 06:39

los angeles - In the US state of Kansas, a man had to pay for a telephone joke with death when the police surrounded his home after a report and shot him. The instigator, a 25-year-old man, has been arrested in Los Angeles, reports NBC News.

The suspect would have called the American emergency number 911 with a made-up story. The 'joker' said that his father had been shot and family members were taken hostage. He also said that gasoline was spread in the house and then reported the address of the victim.

The police were preparing for a hostage. When the unsuspecting victim walked to the door, the police asked him to put his hands over his head. But according to a police chief, his hand went to his waist and an agent then fired a shot that proved fatal. There was no question of a hostage situation.

The man who had called had been prosecuted for false bomb threats in 2015. Police are investigating whether a conflict could possibly be a reason for the joke online. The agent who shot is currently inactive because of the investigation.

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