Police release photos and audio from arrest Woods

Police release photos and audio from arrest Woods

World May 31, 2017 23:42

jupiter - - The US police released photos and an audio clip of the night on which Tiger Woods was arrested. The golf legend was arrested for driving under the influence of Sunday night. The pictures clearly show that the four-tier luxury Mercedes van Woods with four leaked tires is heavily battered.

The corps also released the audio surveys that were made during the arrest. His car, which has cost a messy 150,000 pound, stood by the road by road. Woods was seriously confused when he was attacked by agents. He would have been extremely slow and unclear.

The former number one of the world told the police at first that he came from a golf match but later changed his story. Woods then said he did not know where he was. According to the report, the athlete was so off the road that he could not touch his nose when asked for it and he also failed to stand on one leg.

In a statement, Woods later stated that he was not drunk but his condition was due to an unexpected response to prescribed medication. 'I take full responsibility for my action,' said Woods. 'I did not realize that the mix of drugs had affected me so much. 'No alcohol has been found in his blood. Woods has now been set free again.

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