Police is watching

Police is watching

Tech October 21, 2016 07:15

- The police may soon hacking computers and phones and 'the back door' to let open after the break. This allows investigators longer use vulnerabilities in digital security.

That soon allows the government to know Hague resources. The plan is controversial and is very sensitive in the coalition. Attackers could also discover the flaw if it is not repaired immediately.

Previously had to want to make the government already know using vulnerabilities in computer systems where the responsible software company itself still know nothing, so-called 'zero-day' vulnerabilities. In a hearing on the law about it, critics were previously somewhat reassured. If the police in that way would enter a computer or phone of a suspect, the security hole would then would be reported immediately. Then the software company could close the gap. Now, however, the government wants the police that leak must keep as open without telling anyone. Then there longer use be made of the weakness and the computers of more suspects may be opened.

In this way, keeping open the back door, brings risks with it. If the government knows the weakness in the security system, hackers can also get behind. They can for example hacking the phones of innocent civilians because no one poem a hack into a software program.

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